General Fishing Report August, 2019


General Fishing Report August 8, 2019. 

Hello out there anglers. I trust that everyone is having an amazing summer wherever you are. It’s been busy for your report writer, but fishing remains strong. I’m going to focus on the trout streams as that is where I and many of the other guides have focused their attention. Recently, finding cool, oxygenated water has been key, and with that the wild fish have been responding. Whether finding a cold mountain brook and chasing brook trout, or the cool confines of a secluded spot for browns, or the pocket water that is full of wild rainbows, fish have been there.  I have been using a bunch of tactics, with a single dry getting looks, as has the double nymph tight line rig.  Keys have been a small enough dry to let the fish eat it (and for me to still see it) and small nymphs.  I am a big fan of the Royal Stimi X dry fly, which is a Stimulator tied in the pattern of a Royal Wulff. As far as nymphs go, the smaller the better right now. Bugs in the 16 and under size are where it is right now. Quilldigons, Pt’s and your favorite slim bodied may fly nymph are where its at.  One exception is some 12-16 golden stone fly nymphs, which have been killer in the pocket water recently. 

The weather looks promising for some cooler temps, but the morning is still the best time to get after it.  The swimmers are still in full force and maybe not sure of river etiquette, so be mindful.  As always feel free to check in with me at