General Fishing Report June 14, 2023


General Fishing Report for June 14 2023.

With the cooler weather and recent rain, local trout fishing has been great.  Lots of fish out there as well, as the state has pretty much competed their yearly stocking on our local waters.  In certain spots, the stocked fish will predominate, but we do have a healthy population of wild fish on our local waters.  Techniques are all out on the table as well.  Straight nymphing, either Euro or Indi, dry/ dropper, straight dries, it’s all on right now.  Been finding that matching what bugs are either active or have been active is helpful right now, but also dropping down sizes can be the ticket in some of the more trafficked areas.  With the increased rain and bumps in water levels, the attractor nymphs are working, but also flies that have a hot-spot or something that make them stand out a bit.  

It has also been helpful to scan the area before making a cast.  These fish have been seeing activity lately and will spook at the slightest disturbance. If at the very least, you rule out an area that has a fish, you are putting the odds in your favor.  An example happened to me last weekend, as I was working up through some pocket type water and located some prime holding water, but couldn’t get a cast without another step, and sure enough, a large dark shape scurrying to the rough water.  Mental note to me, but made the fish a bit wiser.  When in doubt, make that initial cast.  I’ve found fish plenty of times, holding just at the tail out of a run, just before the drop.  

Flies are similar to the last report, and as mentioned earlier, just look to see what’s out and about. Steve, at the shop, will also have some suggestions if you are stopping in.  My best fly the past couple outings has been the thread frenchie, but you could also substitute some Iron Lotus or Strolis’ Quill jig.  Thin bodies, sink well and can take a smaller dropper to depth. Don’t forget about the double dry, especially if you want to fish a smaller dry.  Use the bigger, more visible dry as a type of indicator.  Have a great weekend, good luck out there and feel free to touch base with me or Steve at the shop with questions or results!