General Fishing Report September 20, 2019


General Fishing Report for September 20,2019

Things are pretty similar out there on our trout rivers since the last time we spoke.  River levels are still low, which is pretty typical this time of year.  It makes things just a bit more technical out there.  I have been focusing on the Otter and have found some bugs hatching and trout responding.  The majority of the bugs that I am seeing right now are Isonychia mayflies and what we generally refer to as Blue Winged Olive mayflies. Fishing success seems to be tied a bit to time of day and cloud cover or lack thereof. Last weekend, for me, I had a slower morning with clear skies, but with bugs active as the air temperature warmed and then a better evening on Sunday, with clouds and a bit of rain.  Iso’s and BWO’s were on the menu for Sunday, but with only a few splashy rises, all my action was on nymphs.  Specifically, a BWO emerger, The Bat Wing Emerger, that I was fishing as my dropper on my tighline rig.  I like this fly in sizes 16-20, but the 18, or a short shanked 16 was all that was needed.  Steve was having luck earlier with a 14 purple prince.  FIsh are still hanging in the fast water, and right now with the levels, no water can be too fast.  Just get the flies to penetrate the faster top current and pay attention/be ready. Fluorocarbon helps, as does smaller tippet size, as does split shot and tungsten beads.  

Looks like a few rainy/drizzly days this coming week, so that could prove to be good for the fishing.  It does not appear that any significant rain is in store, but the cloud cover should get the BWO’s more active and the trout will follow.  I have been seeing some of the large October Caddis on the window screens in Vergennes, so having a larger Caddis dry or pupa imitation on hand is appropriate. If you venture out on the Otter tribs, unless you are in faster water, stealth should be your top priority.  And regardless of where you are, if the fish don’t respond to nymphs or dries, toss a streamer around to drum up some action.  A few posts back I talked about adding orange to your pike flies this time of year, but a bit of orange on your nymphs or trout streamers is a good thing to consider as well.  

We are rapidly closing in on a month left of the regular season, so take advantage while you can.  Feel free to email any questions or check in with Steve in the shop.  Enjoy the rest of September, thanks for reading and thanks for supporting your local fly/gear shop.