General Fishing Report 3/19/2021


General Fishing Report For March 19, 2021

Greetings Anglers,

Three Weeks until Opening Day! With the first big push of run off out of the way and more likely next week, things are shaping up nicely for the Trout opener and OCC 13.  Lots of fun things happening for the OCC.  Orvis Recon giveaway if you register by April 1.  Weekly email blasts and tips from former champs.  You can sign up for these via our Facebook page.  You can watch how to do that via the Green Mountain Adventures Instagram page; look for OCC13 help and Max can walk you through it.  I suppose if all else fails, call or email the shop. 

The Public Comment period for the proposed fishing regulations is still happening. With hearings scheduled for Monday March 29 and Tuesday March 30.  Links for the meetings and annotated Rules can be found on the Fish and Wildlife's website, under public hearings schedule.

The recent warm up seems to have melted away most of the valley snow and brought out the anglers. Nicer days are finding many people on Lewis; I have yet to fish it this spring so I have no first hand knowledge of conditions. Yesterday, the water level looked good and clarity was good too.  Fly selection here should be similar to early season trout fishing: eggs, stones, worms, white streamers.  Mid-week and early in the day seem to have less cars around the usual spots.

Now for a few more spring time tactics from guides and past OCC winners.  Even though most water is closed currently, take a walk along your favorite stretch of river.  Most of our streams will have changes since last October.  Also if water clarity is right, you might be able to spot some trout.  We can also see if any new Posted signs have gone up.  It is always a good idea to get in touch with landowners whether their land is posted or not.  As a general rule in VT, if you use a public access point to get on a river, you are able to move up and downstream legally so long as you stay below the high water mark.  

In the early season, it pays to run a few more drifts through likely holding water.  Usually until the water warms and fish spread out, they tend to stay in or near their winter habitat.  A few OCC's back I was lucky enough to lead after Day 1 with 5 browns, all caught out of one run/hole, with one of them likely being a repeat customer.  I did need to do a few fly changes to get those eats. In addition, with food sources being limited, don't be afraid to fish right behind another angler.  You can help yourself out by giving it a brief rest, but you are going to fish it differently, no matter what technique you use, or your fly selection. 

We talked last time about early season fly selections, and here is another thought on the matter.  For me at least, certain water conditions tend to have certain flies produce.  Most of my fish on worms come when the water has a fair bit of stain to it, similar with a bigger stone.  As the clarity increases, I see more eats on more natural looking nymphs (PT and Hares Ear) and smaller jigged streamers (especially white and Olive).  

Steve has the shop looking great these days, with more spring product coming in, both fishing and outdoor related.  As always, feel free to send questions along to me or check in with the shop.  We appreciate all the support from you our customers!  We are also starting to book guide trips as well.  Walk and Wade, floats for pike or trout, a trip to learn new water or techniques.  Stay Safe out there folks, see you on the water and Happy Spring!