General Fishing Report 5/4/19


Greetings Anglers!  May the fourth be with you. For sure it’s been a wet April out there.  I heard today that we got double the amount of rain we usually get in April. This has made for some interesting conditions out there on our local rivers.  Tons of water for sure, but that has also meant that our local resident trout population has been getting fed pretty regularly with all the runoff!  It has also created some quickly decreasing clarity on the rivers when it does rain. I was out for a few hours yesterday morning and what started with pretty ideal water conditions turned rather quickly into poor clarity. I was on the same Otter trib today, and clarity had returned to normal post-rain conditions. Throughout all this rain, fishing has remained a bit unconsistent, so changing tactics has been the key to catching a few fish. Nymphs have accounted for some fish, especially attractor nymphs like bigger stones and the like, but streamers have also produced some good action. 

River temps are running in the low 50’s on the sunnier days, like today, but cool down with clouds, and rain.  We have not been seeing too much bug activity, but with today’s warm up and maybe 70 tomorrow, some bugs might start hatching.  I did see a good sign of some nymphs crawling around on the tops of rocks today. Most times, we walk right past this little critters, but while wading I look for lighter colored rocks in the faster water and as the water warms, more bugs hang on the tops of these rocks (rocks are submerged) and they scuttle away as I wade by.  So with all this in mind on our trout waters this week, stick with the more natural looking flies when the rivers are not higher; like pheasant tails/frenchies and natural and olive hares ears. Go with the more attractor nymphs and streamers when the water is up. I going to wager a guess and say that with all the runoff recently that the worm is not getting as many looks, as there are so many of the naturals getting into the system.  Stick with the larger stonefly patterns and dead drifted  or stripped streamers. As far as streamers go, keep a couple sizes on hand and same with colors.  Most folks like white, olive, brown and black do streamer colors. I like to have a small range of sizes from 2-3 inches up to 4-6 inches ready to roll.  A sink tip line or a sinking leader helps this time of year with the higher flows. 

Champlain tribs are still getting crowds and although I’m not certain, I would have to think that the time might be getting right for the bass run to start happening. One day it’s steelhead, the next bass.  Our guide trip schedule is filling up quickly, so that means more time on the water and more info for the fishing report. Feel free to send any questions my way or check in with Steve at the shop. One other thing to keep in mind is that spring turkey season is in full swing, so don’t look like a turkey out there!