General Fishing Report April 9, 2021


General Fishing Report for Opening Day EVE!!!!!

It's GO time Anglers!  With opening day weather that hasn't been seen like this in a long time, it should make for an exciting opening weekend and OCC 13. Couple thoughts for the weekend:  With the nice temps we've been experiencing, I bet that all water in a given system is going to be in play this year; and with sun, some of the pocket water could provide an overhead refuge for the trout.  Someone might catch a fish on a dry this year, I don't know what do you think?  It is going to pay to be flexible with your plan, your fly selection and fish the conditions.

Water levels while low for this time of year and in great shape.  Looks like some snow melt has flattened out the New Haven gauge (and has affected other tribs similarly) and the Otter in Rutland is still dropping, which translates into lots of water to fish.  With our recent warmer temps, bugs are sure to be active as well, might be the year of the Frenchie, Walt's Worm or Hares Ear as opposed to the worm, mop and stonefly. Keep them all handy, and let the fish decide.  And some helpful tips from some long-time competitors not relating to fishing:  remember your food and hydration, a change of clothes for that unfortunate dunk and don't be afraid to take a break, let your mind and body relax and focus on something other than fishing for a couple minutes; its hard but for many of us, this will be our longest fishing day of the year and a break could mean the difference between you counting that 22" wild brown and missing the strike.  

If you do have issues, the shop will be open tomorrow.  Please follow all state guidelines for entering the store.  I also believe that Steve would prefer no cleats in the store.  Fishing for the OCC will begin 1/2 hour before sunrise both days, which looks like at about 5:50 am and ends at 5pm Saturday and 12 pm Sunday.  Note that pictures and scorecards should be submitted electronically by that time to

Good luck tomorrow, hope to see some of you on the water,