General Fishing Report June 1, 2020


General Fishing Report for June 1, 2020

Hey Folks!  Happy June 1.  The trout streams got some much needed heat relief over the weekend, setting up what should be an outstanding week on the water.  The Creek was right at 70 degrees yesterday; I would think its gotten down even further last night and today.  Good time to remember that thermometer and check some temps!  A week ago on the Creek, fish were all about Caddis type flies.  No surprise given the amount of Caddis flying around.  I managed a few fish on a soft hackle type hares ear that has produced for me in the past during Caddis activity.  Caddis Pupa and emergers will do the trick too, as will the tungsten carotene jig and soft hackle carrot.  Still plenty of anglers out there on some of the more prime days, like after a rain. Plenty of productive water out there if you don't like the crowds.  Lots of sections around that have nice mixes of stocked and wild fish.  The stocked fish are taking more attractor patterns and the wild fish more natural (and smaller) patterns.   

Our guide calendar is getting some work, now that we have the ability to run trips.  We have changed around a few housekeeping protocols to make them an even safer experience.  Give the shop a call if you would like to schedule one.  Give it some consideration if you are looking to improve one (or more) aspect of your fly-fishing game. Sometimes a different set of eyes on a situation can help ones ability immensely. Steve is still open for walk-in customers on select days of the week, and still offering curbside pick up.  (802) 388-7245 or

Looking ahead, some warmer temps toward the end of the week, so keep that in mind.  Generally mornings offer the coolest water conditions of the day.  Have plenty of Caddis, mayfly and stonefly patterns on hand.  I did see some lime and yellow sallies over the last weekend.  Some mayflies popping yesterday afternoon.  I didn't catch one to i.d. But they still looked on the larger range 12-14.  Another thing to keep in mind is to have some smaller sizes of your favorite patterns on hand.  We are getting to that time of the year where the larger bugs are generally over, plus having a smaller offering than other folks are throwing can sometimes get the eat.  We'll have some good intel with a bunch of trips this week, so I'll pass that along in the next report.  Feel free to drop me a line as always Stay safe out there,