General Fishing Report June 11, 2022


General Fishing Report June 11,2022


I hope this report finds everyone well.  Sorry for the delay in recent reports, spring has been super busy!  On our local trout waters, fishing has been good despite the recent lack of rain.  I feel that water temps are staying good longer this year, especially on even the lower reaches of streams.  That being said, your thermometer should be getting a workout from now until the Fall.  Probably due to lack of recent rain, we've been finding most fish in their "summer" water.  Meaning areas with good oxygenation, which also coincidentally provide good overhead cover from predators and amply food supply. Plenty of bugs out there too: the spring mayflies are tapering off, but plenty of others to take their place like Isonychia, ever present Caddis and Stoneflies.  One stonefly to be on the lookout for are some small-medium sized golden stones that we've seen around this time of the year in recent years.  These are not the 'giant' stones, and not yellow sallies. Oh yeah, lots of yellow and green sallies out there too. Pocket water fishing for Browns and Rainbows has been great as well as trips up into the hills for Brookies.  Still plenty of stocked fish around as well as our wild stock.  

Lots of different techniques are working right now, with dry/dropper and tight line being the most popular among the guide staff.  I like an easy to see, bouyant dry fly, with a dropper nymph, usually with a tungsten bead, anywhere from 18-30 inches below. I like to fish two distinct water levels when dry/dropper fishing. More success can be found also by dropping down your nymph size and tippet size as we progress into summer.  Some flies that have been working, or you should have on hand include Corn-Fed Caddis, stimulators (i really like the Royal Stimi X for dry dropper), Para Adams, Front End Loader Caddis for dry flies.  Perdigons, smaller mayfly nymph imitations, Tasmanian Devil Jig (good attractor), Caddis pupa for subsurface.  I've also had success during the summer in pocket water with simple Zebra Midges in black or red.  

We've had a bunch of successful trips out over the last month, and with more headed out this week, keep an eye on the Instagram page for updates from the guides.  Speaking of guided trips, with Father's Day coming up, maybe get Dad a half or full day guided trip!  Have one of our experienced guides work with him on refining techniques.  Dad's never fly fished before? No problem there either!  Beginner to expert, a guide trip has something for every level of angler.  

In the shop we've had a restock of wet wading socks from Simms, wading pants from Howler Brothers, Patagonia and Simms too.  Restock of Pike Leaders for the toothies, and spools of Cortland Flourocarbon tippet.  Also just in, is a full line up of the new Ideal Nymph rods from Diamondback.  Designed by Joe Goodspeed, who brought us the awesome and popular Thomas and Thomas Contact series, the company is back to being based in Vermont. Steve has used the 10' 1 weight and really liked it.  I have yet to fish one, but most reports I've heard are positive.  There are a couple 10' rods in the line up as well as some 10'10".  Rod weights (depending on length) from 1 weight up to 4 weight.  

Feel free to send any questions or comments along to me or ask Steve in the shop (802)388-7245.  Hope you all have a great start to summer. Cheers,