General Fishing Report June 22 2021


General Fishing Report June 22, 2021

Happy Summer All!  Hope everyone is doing well out there in fishing land.  We've had a bunch of successful trout trips out over the past couple weeks and here is what we've seen. Water Temps just like the air temps are all over the map.  The Creek had some fishable temps last week, and possibly later this week too (have to wait and see) and with those temps some good fishing.  Lots of fish on the swing, which is no surprise given the amount of Caddis and Alder Flies out there.  Tribs, while needing water (even after yesterdays storms) are in decent shape and staying cool.  Mornings are finding temps in the upper 50's and low 60's, just be sure to keep an eye on them on the hot days.  Brook trout are active, taking both dries and nymphs.  I'm finding myself fishing the dry dropper these days with the lower flows.  A rigging note for you tighliners out there; if you decide to run a dry dropper set up, I've been putting the dry on the dropper which allows an easy change back to a double nymph rig for those deeper runs and pools.  

Some flies that haven been working for us recently are Caddis dries (Standard Elk Hairs, Front End Loaders and Corn Feds), Parachute Adams, small Stimulators (I like the Royal Stimi X)  on the dry side and small (16-18) mayfly nymphs both natural looking (like Quilldigons and SOS's) and flashy (rainbow warriors), pheasant tails and small buggers.  Not surprising in line with the bugs that have been popping; Caddis, small and medium sized Mays and some green and yellow sally stoneflies. One thing I've noticed is that some choice water is being occupied by more than a few fish; I think that the low and sometimes warm water has these fish seeking the best spots and apparently are not afraid to share.  

Checking water temps should be top priority when trout fishing.  If you want to trout fish, a bit of searching can find some colder water.  Lots of folks are switching gears to warm water until we get some more water in the rivers systems or more conducive temps.  Nighttime temps the rest of this week look great for cooling.  Long range forecast has some storms forecast for next week but also warm to hot air temps.  Some other options for 'feeling the tug' while also working on skills: Working on your big stream dry fly drifts while targeting Fallfish and Bass or fishing for the same species while dusting off that switch rod that hasn't been used since a few Steelhead trips ago.  I know I just got a new line for my switch rod and as soon I spool it up, I'm heading to swing up some Fallfish and Bass, while working on some good technique! 

Despite the sidewalk construction, the shop is running full swing.  And with guide trips headed out often, between Steve and the report, we will keep you informed of the goings on with the fishing side of things.  As always, feel free to drop a line or check in with Steve at the shop.  Have fun out there, check the water temps for trout and enjoy the summer.  Cheers,