General Fishing Report May 2, 2022


General Fishing Report May 2, 2022

Hello out there in fishing land.  Hope this report finds everyone doing well both on and off the water. Local river conditions are improving in the water temperature area, which is sure to get more bugs and then the fish more active.  Over the past week we've been on both sides of the Greens, and seeing some Hendricksons, Blue Quills and the occasional early Stone.  Cloudy days will get some of the Blue Winged Olive types out and about as well.  The tough conditions over the past week has been the high sun and bluebird days.  Even this early in the season (and really any time of year),  it does affect fish activity, especially the browns.  A good strategy here is to downsize your fly offering and make things a bit more natural looking.  As we still have some temperature swings, which affect trout holding locations, be sure and scan any and all water types before moving in or through.  Fish will be spreading out more as water temps become more favorable and more insects become active. 

Fly choice on the trout streams has been a bit more varied, with pheasant tails or frenchies getting some grabs, along with prince nymphs and stonefly patterns.  If you end up using a stonefly nymph pattern more times than not, take a look at your size range and weights, as success doesn't always come with the big patterns. The trophy stretches have gotten some fish stocked.  These fish tend to not be picky until they have been in the systems for a bit, so junk flies like mops, worms and eggs can work.  This also applies to other local streams once they get stocked.  Even if fishing to stocked trout isn't your game, it can be a good time to grab a streamer and some flies that mimic injured stocked trout.  Larger, wild fish know an easy meal when they see it, and a struggling and often disoriented stocked trout can be an easy meal.  I usually hear of at least one case a year when a stocked fish caught on a nymph rig, ended up getting grabbed by a larger fish!

The OCC is just over 10 days away!  Good luck to all the participants this year.  Look for a more updated report just before the Classic weekend, as we get out more on our own and through our guide trips.  Speaking of which, guide trips are in full swing.  Set one up or speak with Steve at the shop with any questions about what we offer.  Also as a safety note, it is spring Turkey season in VT.  Not a bad idea to wear some orange just to make sure, especially if you have a walk in to where you will be fishing.  Moving forward, next week looks warm!  That should get some bugs moving and hopefully not bring water temps up too much.  Usually pheasant tails and hares ears are good bets as the bigger mayflies start, Caddis wont be far behind if the weather stays warm.  The Creek in Middlebury is dropping quickly and should be close to 1000cfs, which I like to consider the cut off for fishing it effectively.  Wading is still difficult, but more defined holding areas can be picked out starting near that level.  Good luck out there.  As always hit me up with any questions or check in with Steve at the store on Main Street.