General Fishing Report May 21, 2021


General Fishing Report for May 21, 2021

Hello out there Anglers,

I hope this report finds everyone well as we get a taste of summer the past few days. Friendly reminder to keep your thermometer handy and use it frequently.  It looks like a reprieve from the heat next week, with some cooler nighttime temperatures.  I was in Bristol this morning on the New Haven and it was 62 degrees at 7am.  The Otter at Beldens at around midday was 70.  For those new to trout and temperatures, if you are planning on releasing the trout after you catch it, research shows that a trout released into water with a temperature greater than 70 has a less chance of survival than one released at lower temps.  Warmer water holds less oxygen, combined with the stress from fighting the fish, leads to a decreased survival rate.  The cooler nighttime temps next week will help a bunch; some rain would help too!

With most rivers getting their yearly allotment of stocked trout and warmer water temps, fish are feeding throughout the water column.  We had fish on dries and nymphs this morning, specifically the Front-End Loader Caddis (dry) and a size 16 Tasmanian Devil Jig.  Smaller girdle bugs, frenchies and other small (14-16) attractor nymphs like the Blow Torch have been working for us and clients this week.  Some Yellow Sally Stoneflies were hatching this morning along with a couple different varieties of mayfly that I never got a close enough look at to ID. While I didn't see any, there should be Caddis out and active now too.  Probably time to seriously consider the time of day if you are targeting trout (other than Brook trout).  Early mornings and late evenings are probably the best right now (minus any rain/cloudy days).  I would also think that given enough cooler nights, the Otter around Middlebury should drop in temperature. It seems like over the past few years, the Otter has fished better in the spring than the fall, so I am patiently waiting for the temps to drop and hit the Creek.  

Over on the warm water side, Lake Champlain tribs are in full swing with spawn ready Bass and tons of other species in the tribs for spawning or just some warmer water.  Creek fishing for pike and bass has also been going well, although sun and warmer temps have pushed some of the pike deeper and into the lazy follow mode.  Again, early and late in the day promises to have more action.  Pike are still hitting smaller stuff (less than 6") and bass and fall fish are all over smaller trout sized streamers.  

I fished for the first time today without waders!  Need some wading socks for your own wet-wading adventures, Steve has got you covered on Main Street! Tippet, flies, a new bag: Check.  Some sun shirts to cover up: Check.  Stop by and say Hi and check out our other offerings.  Traveling this summer to do some fishing?  We can help dial in your cast or run through gear with you.  We do local fishing trips with people of all abilities too!  

As always feel free to drop me a line or check in with the shop (802)388-7245.  Have a great weekend, use that thermometer and have fun!