General Fishing Report October 21, 2019


General Fishing Report for October 21. 2019

Greetings Anglers!  You’ve got 10 days left of the regular trout season! Are you ready? With some more rain in the forecast and decent daytime temperatures for the next 10 days, it looks to be shaping up for a wonderful end of the regular season.  With the last dump of rain, the fishing seemed to get better (at least for me) as the water levels dropped, and the weekend went on.  Nymphs that got looks this weekend included stoneflies, worms, rainbow warriors, Caddis and Walt’s worms. Streamers got some looks from some better than average fish for me on Friday as well. I was throwing some 3-5 inch olive colored streamers (Butte Rats) which showed up rather well in the stained water.  Because of favorable water temps, fish are still happily eating, mainly just off the current seams as they take advantage before the lean winter months come.  As we move forward, with rain tomorrow, the middle to end of the week could be good, depending of course on how much rain we get.  If you do fish the dirtier water, remember to give the fish a fly that gives a good silouhette (bigger nymphs and streamers), and as the water clears, then make the switch to smaller and more natural looking flies.  I’m still seeing tan Caddis out there, which when paired with a girdle bug, produced some fish for me on Sunday. At this time of year and especially with the off-colored water, 9 times out of 10 I’m going to go for the girdle bug, with the tenth time being probably a jigged bugger fished like a nymph.   Focus on getting a good drift with the nymphs, and good action with your streamers.  

The Otter is high and not advisable to wade fish right now, but with some luck it will come down, as it is one of the best and closest options for trout fishing after the season closes.  Remember it is open after the 31st all the way to Danby, which is a ton of water.  Please check the regulations for all open water after the 31st!

Also, as mentioned previous, be on the lookout for pre-spawn or spawning trout!  I’ve heard several reports of fish staging on redds, so watch the steps.  If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to scan the water and spot these fish; a cool sight.  Most literature does advise to not target these fish, as they are making future trout for us all to enjoy.  

This will probably be the last report before the season closes, but I will keep updating as conditions warrant.  Thanks to all of you that have sent notes and questions throughout the year.  And please, keep them coming,    I hope you all get a chance to go out in the last few days of the season; good luck, be safe and have fun. Cheers,