General Fishing Report September 18, 2021


General Fishing Report September 18, 2021

Hello out there! I hope this report finds everyone well and enjoying some cooler weather.  Rivers in the area are doing well with the consistent added rainfall and their residents are enjoying the cooler water temps.  Otter Creek tributaries are running in the low 60's, and the Creek  was in the upper 60's as of yesterday (Friday) morning.  It's still a good idea to keep that thermometer handy, as warm afternoons can get those water temps close to 70, especially on the Otter and lower down on its tributaries.  

Trout fishing has varied depending on whom you speak too, but we've had our best success recently in the pocket water stretches of local Otter Creek tribs. Most success has come sub surface, either with various nymphing techniques or dry/dropper. Flies that have been producing have been jig buggers (tan and white), frenchies (and pheasant tail nymphs), Perdigons (mainly the Butano variation), Caddis pupa and Sexy Walts worms.  Dries that have been seeing some action on mainly the Brook Trout stretches have been Royal Wulffs, Chubby Chernobles (both large and small), Humpys and Parachute Adams.  

One thing that has been important in getting some action in the pocket water, has been getting a good drift.  Especially true in the higher flows, as the fish are still there, just an extra mend or high-stick can produce some action.  I've also noticed that in the increased flows in the pocket water, it pays to observe the zone you are casting to for a couple minutes.  Sometimes, a boil in the water appears or disappears and if you cast lands in the 'disappearing' time, a better drift can be achieved.  It's all part of the process folks, better to observe your surroundings for a moment or two and then make the plan; or just enjoy all that this beautiful state has to offer.  

Been seeing plenty of stonefly and Isonychia shucks on the rocks, so have those stone nymph and dry patterns on hand, as well as your favorite Iso imitation. Caddis are out and about, been seeing some of the big October Caddis arround.  These are a legit #12, sometimes larger and a meal that most fish will not pass up. We are getting into BWO (blue-winged olive) season as well.  These small (size 16-24) mayflys make up for their size with their numbers.  A drizzly, cloudy day will get the most bugs coming off.  Most of my action with this hatch has come on the Creek, and it pays to have a bunch of different slim, nymph patterns ready to dead drift or swing out!  As we get along into the Fall, Browns (and brookies) will be getting ready to spawn, so first watch for their spawning redds, and if not, swing or strip some streamers in front of them.  These fish tend to be aggressive before they spawn, and the males (especially) will chase and sometimes attack an unwanted intruder.

The shop is full to the brim with great fall product, as well as a great fly selection and excellent rods, packs, waders, and the gear for an awesome day on the water.  As always feel free to touch base or check in with Steve at the shop (802)388-7245. We've got about a month and half left of the regular trout season, so get out and enjoy it!